Should We Plan For a Future With Fewer Cars?

Found on Slashdot on Monday, 13 July 2020
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Automobiles are not just dangerous and bad for the environment; they are also profoundly wasteful of the land around us, taking up way too much physical space to transport too few people... And cars take up space even while they're not in use. They need to be parked, which consumes yet more space on the sides of streets or in garages.

Given these threats, how can American cities continue to justify wasting such enormous tracts of land on death machines?

As soon as you leave the center of the big city, this "we don't need cars" theory dies. If you want to live in a tiny appartment, feel free to; but don't tell others how to live their lifes. Plus, if it is parked on private property, you have no reason to complain at all.