Sea Levels Are Rising. Time to Build ... Floating Cities?

Found on Wired on Saturday, 06 April 2019
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By the middle of the next century, many of the world’s major cities will be flooded, and in some cases, entire island nations will be underwater.

On Wednesday, the United Nations Human Settlements Program, or UN Habitat, convened its first roundtable to discuss the possibility of floating cities as a solution to this problem.

It’s about trying to create floating cities that meet the needs of the people whose coastlines are at risk of getting swallowed up.

That's a pretty old idea and everybody can read about how things will most likely be in the end. That aside, it would make more sense to finally start taking climate change seriously, instead of coming up with so-called "solutions" which, in the end, would only reduce the pressure on nations; but without serious changes, the weather extremes will only get worse. Not to mention that, from a financial point of view, building and maintaining floating cities won't be any cheaper than fixing the climate.