Android Founder on VR, Voice & the Future of Human-Machine Collaboration

Found on Xconomy on Saturday, 14 October 2017
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Within 20 years, computer keyboards will be relegated to the technology dustbin, says Android co-founder Rich Miner.

Miner and others believe that the way humans communicate with machines is undergoing a fundamental change. The keyboard—which dates back to the 1800s—will be phased out over the next couple of decades, except for some “legacy applications,” Miner argues. Touchscreens have already kicked off this shift.

Miner will phase out long before keyboards. Touchscreens are not a decent replacement for anybody who uses a computer in a serious way. Not much of a surprise that the Android founder has no understanding of that. The keyboard is a tactile interface, and that's what makes it so successful; no touchscreen can beat that. Don't even think about brain-interfaces; at least not until viruses and malware are 100% under control (and even then you still have the three letter agencies).