Firefox to remove support for the FTP protocol

Found on ZD Net on Friday, 20 March 2020
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Mozilla has announced plans today to remove support for the FTP protocol from Firefox. Going forward, users won't be able to download files via the FTP protocol and view the content of FTP links/folders inside the Firefox browser.

"We're doing this for security reasons," said Michal Novotny, a software engineer at the Mozilla Corporation, the company behind the Firefox browser.

"Security reasons". That's like the "terrorism" or "child abuse" argument politicians use to justify snooping. Public FTP is in not way less secure than public HTTP. Oh wait, they are trying to force everything to HTTPS too for various reasons; even where it makes no sense at all. So now people who need FTP are looking for replacement software, and quite a few of them will end up with shady adware based programs that make the entire system less secure.