EU Copyright Directive's Link Tax Won't Lead To Google Paying Publishers

Found on Techdirt on Saturday, 28 September 2019
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Not only was the following story totally predictable, but many of us directly warned the EU of what would happen if they instituted a "link" or "snippet" tax as part of the EU Copyright Directive.

Google has told publishers in France that in order to respect the new Copyright Directive link tax, it is removing all snippets unless the publishers opt-in via the tools mentioned above, to voluntarily choose to add back the snippets.

What's incredible is that these same politicians will now whine and complain and lie, saying that Google is evading the tax when it's actually complying with the law as written -- and complying in the same way they complied with similar laws in the past.

At least this time, Google did the right thing and leaves politicians like red-faced, foot-stomping little kids. All this was fully predictable because it happened before.