Want to hang out with criminals but can't be bothered to download Tor? Try Faceboook

Found on The Register on Sunday, 07 April 2019
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It may surprise you to learn that carding, identity theft and spamming services also flourish on Facebook, recently in the news for live streaming hate killings in New Zealand.

According Talos, some of the activities promoted by these Facebook groups are obviously illegal, like selling credit card data dumps, and associated information like photos and identification documents to facilitate identity theft.

Finding these groups can be a challenge. It requires logging into Facebook and typing a search query like "carding" or "cvv," exhausing though that might be. But Facebook will thoughtfully offer search suggestions like "cvv dumps" or "cvv credit card" if your initial query didn't quite lead you to the appropriate den of iniquity.

It's a neverending story. Every day, more and more problems get uncovered.