Here's why your AirPods battery life is getting worse, and what you can do about it

Found on Apple Insider on Saturday, 23 March 2019
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It's impossible to be completely statistically accurate about how long AirPod batteries last because it depends on too many things. If you make or receive phone calls via your AirPods, for instance, you will of course drain the battery faster. If you take them out and leave them on your desk without playing anything, they will drain anyway.

Those 2016 AirPods first gave us that baleful low battery sound after one hour and 19 minutes. We got a second at one hour and 59 minutes. Then at two hours, 6 minutes, they died.

"If you've got a dead or dying battery in an AirPod," said the same source inside Apple, "bring it in to the Apple Store with your proof of purchase if you didn't buy it directly from us, and store-stock depending, you'll walk out for a replacement single bud with a new battery for $49."

First they remove the cables for the headphones and replace it with quickly dying batteries, then they charge you for fixing that failures. You can think what you want about Apple, but they have good marketing to steal your money out of your pockets.