Less than a month to go before Google breaks hundreds of thousands of links all over the Internet

Found on Philip Greenspun’s Weblog on Monday, 11 March 2019
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Google purchased Picasa, a super efficient photo editor that offered seamless integration with online publishing (e.g., you add a photo to an album on your desktop computer and it automatically gets pushed to the online version of the album).

It was so easy to publish the photos via Picasa that I just linked to the photo album from the HTML page. Now I will have to move the photos somewhere else, edit the HTML file, git push, git pull, etc. Then repeat for every other blog posting and web page that links to a Picasa-created album.

So, in other words, someone is annoyed because a free service ends and his "cloud gallery" vanishes. Just learn from it and do not trust the cloud to be there forever; if you want to have control over your data, take care of it yourself. Maybe some people will learn this valueable lesson with Picasa going down.