Red Hat gets heebie-jeebies over MongoDB's T&Cs squeeze: NoSQL database dropped

Found on The Register on Thursday, 17 January 2019
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Under section 4.7, the release notes say, "Note that the NoSQL MongoDB database server is not included in RHEL 8.0 Beta because it uses the Server Side Public License (SSPL)."

The SSPL differs from other software licenses in that it requires anyone making SSPL software available as a service to publish not only source code and modifications, but also the source code of the infrastructure applications that run SSPL code. This includes, as the license states, "management software, user interfaces, application program interfaces, automation software, monitoring software, backup software, storage software and hosting software, all such that a user could run an instance of the service using the Service Source Code you make available."

That's one way to kill yourself. Not that anything of value will be lost.