Hot tub hack reveals washed-up security protection

Found on BBC News on Tuesday, 25 December 2018
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Thousands of hot tubs can be hacked and controlled remotely because of a hole in their online security, BBC Click has revealed.

Balboa Water Group (BWG), which runs the affected system, has now pledged to introduce a more robust security system for owners and said the problem would be fixed by the end of February.

It said it was working with more than 1,000 owners in the UK and others globally to set up a system of individual usernames and passwords to secure the online controls.

It said it had previously opted not to do so because it had wanted to "allow for simple and easy use and activation" by homeowners.

You can't say BWG made an empty promise. Access to it sure is "simple and easy". It won't take too long before being an offline device will be a feature helping sales.