Yale users locked out of homes after 'smart' home app crashes

Found on The Inquirer on Sunday, 14 October 2018
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Users of Yale's so-called 'smart' locks were trapped out of their homes for more than 24 hours following after the company's smartphone app went to Borksville.

Yale blamed an "unforeseen issue while carrying out unplanned network maintenance", but claimed to have resolved the problem on Friday morning. However, users still claim that notifications - such as whether an alarm has been armed or disarmed - aren't coming through.

While the app was down, customers complained of being 'stuck' in their homes, while others were forced to wait outside until the problem was fixed.

Oh the sweet irony. Nothing would have happened if clients would have just stuck to something so very old-fashioned like mechanical locks with keys; but no, even unlocking your door has to be "smart". Now imagine someone would find a way to remotely brick all those locks...