Warning: DO NOT install the latest version of CCleaner [Updated]

Found on Betanews on Sunday, 05 August 2018
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When you run the updated version, you’ll notice some worrying changes -- active monitoring refuses to stay turned off, and the privacy settings have been removed in the free version. Avast has also stopped users from being able to quit the software -- yes, really.

That means, for most users, CCleaner will run continually in the background, reporting back to Avast.

Avast is clearly in no hurry to fix these issues, and given its past behavior this probably won’t be the last time we have to warn users off installing or upgrading the software.

So CCleaner now moved into the adware/malware section. With the history Avast has, the best solution is to completely uninstall the program now after Piriform sold out to them.