PC Building Simulator is (most of) the fun of building a PC—without pricey GPUs

Found on Ars Technica on Thursday, 29 March 2018
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The "simulator" genre of PC games was already pretty meta, but it has now reached a new level with PC Building Simulator, a game currently available via Steam Early Access. In it, you build desktop PCs (mostly the gaming variety) by opening up the case, installing components, plugging them into the motherboard for power, and more, all in a 3D simulation.

In free-build mode, you're given a storage unit full of every available component, and every part of your workshop is unlocked, so you can just build whatever PCs you please. Want to put in some LED lights and install a transparent case? Go ahead, you l33t simulator, you.

Seriously now? Whoever plays this game should just go out a little more and socialize; you'd be surprised how many request come in once people realize that you are good with that "computer stuff".