Robots could push unemployment to 50% in 30 years, prof says

Found on CNet News on Sunday, 14 February 2016
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In 30 years, Vardi says, computers will be able to perform almost any job that humans can. One assumes this includes working as a professor of computational engineering. Vardi foresees unemployment as surpassing 50 percent by 2045.

"If we wait 25 years, we may find ourselves in a very difficult societal change. The Industrial Revolution brought about the Russian Revolution and the Chinese Revolution, with a human cost of about 100 million lives. I hope we are wiser this time," he told me.

That will end up in uprisings, unless the unemployed masses receive enough unemployment benefits to keep them calm; but even then it has a dangerous potential because with too much free time, some people might get the wrong ideas. Panem et circenses does not work in the long run.