Russian military cites game screenshot as “evidence” of US ISIS support

Found on Ars Technica on Wednesday, 15 November 2017
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In now-deleted social media images, the Russian Ministry of Defense used what is almost certainly a screenshot from a mobile game as part of its supposed evidence that the United States military was supporting ISIS troops in Syria.

As games continue to become more realistic (especially at a cursory glance), it's going to become easier and easier to intentionally use their imagery as a stand-in for reality to less observant viewers.

It's not like that has not happened before. Those who remember the US invasion of Iraq also remember that it turned out that the satellite images used as evidence never existed and were faked to justify a first strike.

Google: This may shock you, but we also banked thousands of dollars to run Russian propaganda

Found on The Register on Tuesday, 10 October 2017
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Joining Facebook and Twitter, Google has now been sucked into an investigation into how Russia influenced the US presidential elections last year.

The social media giants have based their estimates on spending from obvious Russian government accounts, but it would not be difficult for a state actor to create dozens or hundreds of profiles using different countries and currencies. So far, we have yet to see the total ad spending on the types of articles the Russian government paid money to promote.

That entire ruckus about Russia trying to nudge US elections is pretty hypocritical, considering that the US has been doing the same before; and not only in Russia. This is nothing more than a giant case about the pot calling the kettle black.

Google is losing allies across the political spectrum

Found on Ars Technica on Thursday, 31 August 2017
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With so many Googlers in government, Google had an outsized influence on policymaking during the Obama years. But today, Google is in a different situation. Most obviously, Schmidt worked hard to get Hillary Clinton elected president, and Clinton lost.

The combination of Bernie Sanders-style populism on the left and Donald Trump-style populism on the right could lead to a future where Google faces hostility from policymakers across parties.

Conservative skepticism of Google has only intensified in 2017. The high-profile August firing of James Damore was one key moment here.

Google has abandoned its "do no evil" mantra years ago, and now people start to realize this. It's not a neutral search engine anymore and now starts to meddle with politics. That's not Google's job.

Don't panic, Chicago, but 1.8 million of your voters' records leaked from a weak AWS silo

Found on The Register on Thursday, 17 August 2017
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A voting machine supplier for dozens of US states left records on 1.8 million Americans unsecured, in public view for anyone to download, in a misconfigured AWS storage system.

"We have been in steady contact with ES&S to order and review the steps that must be taken, including the investigation of ES&S’s AWS server," said Chicago Election Board chairwoman Marisel Hernandez in a statement.

"We will continue reviewing our contract, policies and practices with ES&S. We are taking steps to make certain this can never happen again.”

It will happen. Again, and again, and again. That's what you get for relying on the cloud.

GoDaddy expels neo-Nazi site over article on Charlottesville victim

Found on BBC News on Monday, 14 August 2017
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"We informed the Daily Stormer that they have 24 hours to move the domain to another provider, as they have violated our terms of service," GoDaddy said in a statement on Twitter.

"It's very unusual for a host to remove a website because they've got immunity in the US under the First Amendment," said Niri Shan, a media and freedom of speech lawyer at Taylor Wessing.

Funny how GoDaddy had no problems providing domain services in the past years, but as soon as things get hot, they suddenly notice there's a violation of their TOS.

Why People Can’t Stop Talking About Zuckerberg 2020

Found on Wired on Sunday, 06 August 2017
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Very quickly, though, the public and the press began to interpret the highly-choreographed whistlestop tour as foregrounding a Zuckerberg 2020 presidential campaign. The 33-year-old billionaire hired a former White House photographer, whose images depict him, Obama-like, as a man of the people.

A recent poll showed Zuckerberg and Trump tying for 40 percent of the vote in 2020. It, but it also found that 47 percent of voters have no opinion about Zuckerberg and 29 percent have a negative one.

Zucky would be even worse than Trump.

Hillary Clinton says email scandal was just one reason she lost

Found on CNet News on Thursday, 01 June 2017
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The Democratic presidential nominee's hourlong chat dissecting tech and politics seemed more like a therapy session as Clinton is back in the public eye discussing what she's been doing since her defeat. Meanwhile, issues Clinton said she struggled with during the campaign -- fake news and Russian hacking -- continue to make headlines.

"That really influenced the information that people were relying on," she said. "I believe that what was happening to me was unprecedented."

Clinton was also asked why she delivered paid speeches for Goldman Sachs, which were eventually leaked by WikiLeaks. Clinton took offense, saying she gave many speeches to a wide range of groups from health care executives to camp counselors.

She did everything right, but everybody else is to blame for her loss. Of course.

Hillary Clinton tweet-sniffs at media after Macron win

Found on CNet News on Monday, 08 May 2017
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She took to Twitter on Sunday to muse: "Victory for Macron, for France, the EU, & the world." Many might see it this way. He was definitely not the candidate that many believe to be overtly racist.

Still, Clinton wasn't done. She added: "Defeat to those interfering w/democracy. (But the media says I can't talk about that)."

Looks like the "blame everybody else" statements aren't over yet.

French candidate Macron claims massive hack as emails leaked

Found on Reuters on Saturday, 06 May 2017
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Leading French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron's campaign said on Friday it had been the target of a "massive" computer hack that dumped its campaign emails online 1-1/2 days before voters choose between the centrist and his far-right rival, Marine Le Pen.

It urged the media to be cautious about publishing details of the emails given that campaigning had ended, and publication could lead to criminal charges.

If Macron has done nothing (morally or legally) wrong, this leak should not damage him at all. Given the respone of his team, they don't seem too happy about them going public for unexplained reasons.

It's Russian hackers, FBI and Wikileaks wot won it – Hillary Clinton on her devastating election loss

Found on The Register on Wednesday, 03 May 2017
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Hillary Clinton today gave her first full interview since dramatically losing the US presidential election – and has placed the blame for her downfall on Russian hackers, FBI director James Comey and Wikileaks.

Just for good measure, she also blamed the media and woman-hating for her failure to take the top job.

Even now, having lost in the most spectacular fashion to probably the least-qualified US presidential candidate in history, Clinton is unable to see her and her team's own failings.

If you have lost against Trump, it means you have really lost. There is no sugarcoating it, and interviews like this clearly show why she lost: because everybody else is to blame, except herself. That's not how you take responsibility.