CentOS is gone—but RHEL is now free for up to 16 production servers

Found on Ars Technica on Monday, 25 January 2021
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Long-standing tradition—and ambiguity in Red Hat's posted terms—led users to believe that CentOS 8 would be available until 2029, just like the RHEL 8 it was based on. Red Hat's early termination of CentOS 8 in 2021 cut eight of those 10 years away, leaving thousands of users stranded.

Although CentOS Stream could be considered appropriate and perfectly adequate for enthusiasts and home-labbers, the lack of a long, well-defined life cycle made it inappropriate for most production use and, especially, production use by shops that chose a RHEL-compatible distribution in the first place.

RedHat has axed the flagship of its portfolio and now hopes to regain some of the lost trust. For the majority, it does not work like that.