Sandwiches in Subway 'too sugary to meet legal definition of being bread'

Found on Independent on Thursday, 08 October 2020
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The court ruled that with a high sugar content, the sandwich could not be deemed a staple food which attracts a zero VAT rate. It rejected arguments by a Subway franchisee that it was not liable for VAT on some of its takeaway products, including teas, coffees and heated filled sandwiches.

The five-judge court ruled the bread in Subway's heated sandwiches falls outside that statutory definition because it has a sugar content of 10pc of the weight of the flour included in the dough.

The act provides the weight of ingredients such as sugar, fat and bread improver shall not exceed 2pc of the weight of flour in the dough.

For years now everybody should know that we consume too much sugar, and yet there is Subway who dumps extra sugar into its bread cookie sandwiches.