New ‘Meow’ attack has deleted almost 4,000 unsecured databases

Found on Bleepingcomputer on Monday, 27 July 2020
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Hundreds of unsecured databases exposed on the public web are the target of an automated 'meow' attack that destroys data without any explanation.

Diachenko told BleepingComputer that there are not many details about the attacker or the purpose of their actions. He says that the attack appears to be an automated script that “overwrites or destroys the data completely.”

Whoever is behind the 'meow' attacks is likely to keep on targeting unsecured databases, aggressively destroying them. Administrators should make sure that they expose only what needs to be exposed and make sure the assets are properly secured.

Administrators should have made sure right from the start that their databases are not reachable by the public. That's their job. If they cannot even do that, they should quit.