Disney: If We Can't Run Club Penguin, No One Can Run Club Penguin

Found on Techdirt on Friday, 15 May 2020
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Over the years, through neglect and the general evolution of what kids think is cool, Club Penguin languished and Disney shut it down in 2017. While Disney then tried to capitalize on the name with an entirely different virtual world called Club Penguin Island, folks who loved Club Penguin were not impressed and Disney quietly shuttered that as well.

How with everyone on pandemic lockdown, the most popular of the unlicensed fan servers, Club Penguin Online, was getting a big usage boost and Disney could not allow that to happen. They sent off a DMCA notice demanding the site be disappeared.

They had abandoned their own version (and even the weaker followup). There is no competition. It's not like there's the Disney version that this is taking away from.

Disney is just ridiculous. Everything it gets its fingers on is doomed to be reduced to a bubble-wrapped happy rainbow world where everybody sings a song while legions of lawyers wait in the second front-line to sue whoever raises the head.