Amazon's Biggest Threat Isn't a Huge Competitor but a Collective

Found on The Motley Fool on Wednesday, 08 January 2020
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Rather than one single powerhouse, the threat to Amazon comes in the form of hundreds of smaller e-commerce venues that can each take a tiny, collective stab at online shopping's 800-pound gorilla.

As Loren Padelford, general manager of Shopify Plus, put it: "Consumers are coming back to [retailers] and saying, 'We want to shop directly from the makers.' These acquisition channels and marketplaces aren't all what they were cracked up to be, and they aren't giving you the customer experience and relationships you want."

Finally consumers begin to realize that Amazon is not the silver bullet. It has its own huge share of scandals, from working conditions to being wasteful. Not to mention that Amazon is not really the friend of its sellers. Plus, often you get a better price if you buy directly from the maker.