Adobe shuts down Photoshop in Venezuela

Found on BBC News on Tuesday, 08 October 2019
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Users have until 28 October to download content, after which accounts will be deactivated, Adobe said.

On a help page, the firm explained: "The US government issued executive order 13884, the practical effect of which is to prohibit almost all transactions and services between US companies, entities and individuals to Venezuela. To remain compliant with this order, Adobe is deactivating all accounts in Venezuela."

It said it "was unable to issue refunds" because the sanctions included "sales, service, support, refunds, credits, etc".

Adobe has moved to a subscription-only model for the latest versions of its products meaning users will not be able to buy standalone versions.

Welcome to the new world of failures. In the past you bought a software, installed it and could use it forever. Now when someone does not like you anymore, you just get cut off of what you paid for, left with empty hands and unable to continue your work. Think ahead a little next time you buy anything cloud-based.