Facebook encryption: Should governments be given keys to access our messages?

Found on BBC News on Sunday, 06 October 2019
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The UK and the US have just signed an historic agreement to give each other a much faster way of getting hold of private conversations - cutting down the process time from months or years, to weeks or days.

"A backdoor is rather like leaving a key under the mat - once someone knows it is there anyone can walk in," said Prof Alan Woodward, a security expert at the University of Surrey and a consultant to Europol.

"Proposals for a 'backdoor' have repeatedly been shown to be unworkable. There is no middle ground: if law enforcement is allowed to circumvent encryption, then anybody can," it said.

As soon as it encryption will get broken by design, those who rely on encryption will move to another client with real encryption. There are enough methods for communication which ensure that messages arrive without anybody being able to look into them.