Oracle demands $12K from network biz that doesn't use its software

Found on The Register on Friday, 04 October 2019
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According to Palmer, while the IP addresses cited fall within Merula's assignment range, they're not all those used by the biz, which runs a virtual network for several other companies that control their own IP addresses. So those it does control aren't part of its core or hosting environment; rather they're used by customers on broadband connections.

"Although your organization might be an ISP however if your use is outside of your customer base beyond 30 days, payments are due to Oracle," the confusingly worded billing demand says.

"When companies use their legal department as a profit center it is highly indicative that the products they claim they are incorporated to provide are no longer competitive in the marketplace," he said.

Oracle must be aware that they are wrong here, but that has never stopped them from trying to squeeze money out of someone. They should just file a lawsuit and be laughed out of court.