DigitalOcean drowned my startup! 'We lost everything, our servers, and one year of database backups' says biz boss

Found on The Register on Saturday, 01 June 2019
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Beauvais, in a series of Twitter posts, describes sending multiple emails and Twitter direct messages to DigitalOcean and regaining access after 12 hours of downtime.

"We lost everything, our servers, and more importantly one year of database backups," Beauvais lamented. "We now have to explain to our clients, Fortune 500 companies why we can’t restore their account."

DigitalOcean has promised a public postmortem once it completes an investigation of the incident.

In the past, you made off-shore backups to a different DC, owned by a different provider. In case your company was important enough to do business with Fortune 500 companies, you had hot-standby systems ready for the worst case. That allowed you to switch in case of problems, and it kept all your business critical data accessible.
Today, you throw all these safety steps away and jus cry on Twitter when things blow up. Now let's sit back and wait for the next social media ruckus when Digital Ocean will not shut down a real malicious scipt.