Jeff Bezos finally gets .Amazon after DNS overlord ICANN runs out of excuses to delay decision any further

Found on The Register on Thursday, 23 May 2019
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The Jeff Bezos-run Amazon will likely get control of its internet namesake this summer. It intends to run it as a brand business with a small number of domain names that reflect its core businesses.

There are only a handful of companies that have launched on their dot-brands, and a growing number – now over 50 – have simply abandoned the names, formally telling ICANN they are no longer interested.

The Brazilian government also strongly opposed the US government's role in overseeing ICANN and ultimately succeeded in getting the US Department of Commerce to step away from its role and provide the organization with real autonomy.

Jeff has just paid the US-focused ICANN enough money to get what he wants. Not that it really matters much, because Amazon is a pretty useless shop by now, overloaded with crappy chinese products, combined with useless search options.