Deputies Destroy House, Lives To Recover $50 Of Marijuana And A Single, Unbottled Pill

Found on Techdirt on Wednesday, 01 May 2019
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The total haul in contraband from the drug raid was less than $50-worth of marijuana. In addition, an officer claimed he found a loose pill containing a controlled substance.

The Almonds were directed to open the safes. Inside the safes, the members of the drug task force claim to have found ONE LUNESTA PILL outside of the bottle in which it had been prescribed.

Using that one pill, the department charged the couple with felony drug possession, on top of the misdemeanor marijuana charge.

Everything that was in the safes disappeared into the Department's hands. So did a bunch of other stuff around the house, along with the cash Greg Almond had in his wallet. The warrant inventory contains far less then the Almonds claim the deputies took. The full list includes the firearms from the safes, $8,000 in cash, wedding rings, medications, antique guitars, a coin collection… pretty much anything the officers felt might have resale value.

"Land of the free". Sounds more like organized crime.