If Facebook Wants Our Trust, Mark Zuckerberg Must Resign

Found on Tom's Guide on Sunday, 28 April 2019
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If Zuckerberg wants to prove just how serious Facebook is about guarding user privacy, though, he should it prove it by announcing he's quitting.

Incidents where Facebook was too cavalier with user data stretch back years, and while the particulars change from scandal to scandal, the one constant is the guy sitting in the CEO chair.

Zuckerberg also promised a Clear History feature that would let you easily delete information about apps and websites you've interacted with, sort of like erasing your browser history.

Well, the Clear History feature never launched — it's coming later in 2019, Facebook now says.

Facebook cannot have a serious interest in more privacy or deleting features; and even if Clear History arrives at some day, there is still the question if "clear" just means "hide from user".