Huge Protests Across Europe Protest Article 13; Politician Lies And Claims They Were Paid To Be There

Found on Techdirt on Monday, 25 March 2019
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German MEP Daniel Caspary, who chairs the large CDU/CSU group in the EU Parliament told a German publication a completely made up lie -- reminiscent of the kind of "fake news" propaganda that has been used elsewhere, that all of the protesters were actually paid to be there.

A major political leader is so infatuated with his false belief that real people couldn't possibly be upset about the plan to fundamentally move away from an open internet, that he insists Google must have paid the protesters €450 each to show up.

Either way, no matter what lies politicians tell themselves, they might want to think about so many people coming out to protest over this issue, especially given that the next EU Parliamentary elections are in just a few months.

Big media pay politicians to make the laws they want. Usually that is the first step towards their downfall. However, when that happens, the same politicians will refuse to see the reasons and always blame the "enemy".