Fighting on Twitter? In the UK, You Could Be Arrested for That.

Found on The Stranger on Thursday, 27 December 2018
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Parliament is considering reforming the GRA so that all that is required for a legal gender change is self-declaration. If you say you’re a woman, a man, or nonbinary, that’s what you are.

While reforming the law is largely, but not entirely, supported by trans people and their allies, supporters have faced fierce resistance from a number of feminists who are concerned that predatory males will use self-id to gain access to female-only spaces.

The police didn’t tell Linehan which specific tweets Harrop complained about, but shortly before the police visited Linehan’s house, Harrop had appeared in a televised debate with Posie Parker, a feminist writer who is opposed to changing the GRA.

After Linehan saw the debate, he posted a link to the video, tweeting, “Have a look at this again and ask yourself why Parker is banned from various platforms, while Harrop isn’t. Could it be anything to do with...male privilege? Could it have anything to do with men deciding what women are and are not allowed to say?” The next day, the police dropped in at his house.

Sounds like the UK is one step before facecrime and thoughtcrime with all this diversity madness. Now we're at the point where feminists are getting afraid of diversity females after the LGBTQ community reached some of their goals. Please lean back and let that sink in for a moment.