Microsoft can't even get a software patch right on its flagship Surface device

Found on The Inquirer on Sunday, 09 December 2018
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Microsoft has rolled back an update which was found to bork its hardware flagship, the Surface Book 2.

The official advice is to uninstall it, but we're hearing reports that doing so could actually brick your beloved premium device altogether, so be careful. A system restore might be an alternative, but we're neither recommending it, nor promising anything.

To have an crippling bug make its way on to your flagship, not to mention most expensive laptop isn't just a fail, it's irresponsible.

So, with the past update failures that haunted Windows users, fanboys didn't get tired to point out that Microsoft could not possibly test all the imaginable hardware combinations (even though some of the bugs happened with very common products); now it's their own hardware line where testing also fails. It's going to be hard to find an excuse for it this time.