Microsoft blocks Windows 10 October Update on more PCs after Intel driver borkage

Found on The Inquirer on Thursday, 22 November 2018
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This time it's the Intel Display Driver that the new code has taken objection to, in a round of incompatibility problems we've not seen since the bad old days of Windows Vista.

Calling Microsoft Technical Support might actually be worthwhile in the short term. It is offering to turn off components that are causing a conflict remotely, allowing things to work normally, but it's not entirely clear if that will just cause more problems down the line.

Intel driver users join anyone with a small hard drive, anyone who uses ZIP files, anyone using iCloud, anyone who needs to map a network drive, anyone with an HP machine, and anyone who likes their files to be associated with installed programs.

This is just getting ridiculous. Microsoft should pay customers for using such an operating system.