This incredibly simple privacy app helps protect your phone from snoops with one click

Found on Fast Company on Sunday, 11 November 2018
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The new app, from Cloudflare, is called–the name of the internet server it uses. Cloudflare’s main business is as a content delivery network that optimizes the speed of websites using it, as well as shielding them from cyberattacks.

Cloudflare’s DNS service is also really fast, so it could speed up your browsing, especially to sites and web services that run on Cloudflare’s network.

If your current DNS is so slow that you really notice a speedup, your current provider is incompetent. It's not really protecting you either, because the traffic still goes through your ISP like before. In exchange however, you tell CloudFlare every single request you are making, so (in theory of course) they could build a complete map of your browing habits. Should they ever decide to go into the business of selling browing histories, or monitoring and tracking, that service will be a goldmine.