Linus Torvalds Shows His New Polite Side While Pointing Out Bad Kernel Code

Found on Phoronix on Saturday, 03 November 2018
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Today he took issue with the HID pull request and its introduction of the BigBen game controller driver that was introduced: the developer enabled this new driver by default. Linus Torvalds has always frowned upon random new drivers being enabled by default in the kernel configuration driver. Today he still voiced his opinion over this driver's default "Y" build configuration, but did so in a more professional manner than he has done in the past.

So far it looks like Linus' brief retreat is paying off with still addressing code quality issues -- and not blatantly accepting new code into the kernel as some feared -- but in doing so in a professional manner compared to his past manner of exclaiming himself over capitalized sentences and profanity that at time put him at odds with some in the Linux kernel community.

Not sure if a "softer" Linus is better; at least in the past it was very obvious when he considered something wrong.