Remote South Atlantic Islands Are Flooded With Plastic

Found on Smithsonian on Thursday, 18 October 2018
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Now, reports Marlene Cimons at Nexus Media, that pollution is getting even worse. A new study in the journal Current Biology shows that plastic trash on the beaches and in the ocean has increased tenfold in the just the last decade and a hundredfold over the last three decades.

“Three decades ago these islands, which are some of the most remote on the planet, were near-pristine,” lead author David Barnes of the British Antarctic Survey says in a statement. “Plastic waste has increased a hundredfold in that time, it is now so common it reaches the seabed. We found it in plankton, throughout the food chain and up to top predators such as seabirds.”

If only it was possible to dump that junk onto those who created it. Instead, global politics fail so very hard at something so important as protecting the world everybody lives in.