CBS Shuts Down Stage 9, a Fan-Made Recreation of the USS Enterprise

Found on Torretfreak on Thursday, 27 September 2018
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The people behind the two-year-old project tried to reason with CBS, offering to make changes to keep their dream project alive, but the broadcasting giant wasn't interested in discussion.

“This letter was a cease-and-desist order,” Scragnog explains. “Over the next 13 days we did everything we possibly could to open up a dialog with CBS. The member of the CBS legal team that issued the order went on holiday for a week immediately after sending the letter through, which slowed things down considerably.”

CBS said that the project could not continue in any form, no matter what changes were made.

That sure reduces the interest to watch CBS productions. Fans are a huge reason for the ongoing success of the Star Trek universe, but lawyers and accountants are working hard to anger and annoy this important fanbase.