Google Wants to Kill the URL

Found on Wired on Wednesday, 05 September 2018
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"People have a really hard time understanding URLs," says Adrienne Porter Felt, Chrome's engineering manager. "They’re hard to read, it’s hard to know which part of them is supposed to be trusted, and in general I don’t think URLs are working as a good way to convey site identity. So we want to move toward a place where web identity is understandable by everyone—they know who they’re talking to when they’re using a website and they can reason about whether they can trust them. But this will mean big changes in how and when Chrome displays URLs. We want to challenge how URLs should be displayed and question it as we’re figuring out the right way to convey identity."

URLs are a simple concept. Clueless developers however mess it up because they stuff everything into it instead of using cleaner approaches, like ajax or websockets. It's also possibly a safe bet that the URL replacement from Google will allow them to track users even better.