PETA roasts Impossible Burger for rat tests, suggests patties cause cancer

Found on Ars Technica on Sunday, 12 August 2018
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In a blistering blog post, PETA claimed the testing was “voluntary” and that Impossible Foods conducted the test after “disregarding advice from a PETA scientist who said that there’s no need to hurt and kill animals to test its burger.” To further scorch the burger’s name, PETA made the dubious suggestion that the burger could increase risks of cancer in consumers.

Researchers have indeed linked excessive iron (aka iron overloads) to risks of cancer. But it seems rather implausible to achieve such levels by simply eating an Impossible Burger, or a hundred. For one thing, healthy people typically don't accumulate excessive levels of iron.

PETA turned into nothing but a big failure over the years, and with ridiculous claims like this one, or the fight for selfie rights of animals, it won't get better. They should just rename themselves to PITA.