An open letter to Microsoft management re: Windows updating

Found on Computerworld on Saturday, 04 August 2018
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Today, as Windows 10 turns three years old, I am writing to you to ensure that you are aware of the dissatisfaction your customers have with the updates released for Windows desktops and servers in recent months.

Recently many of the participants on the listserve have expressed their concerns and dissatisfaction with the quality of updates as well as the timing of updates.

Some are disabling Windows Update as a drastic measure to ensure that updates do not reboot systems when they are not wanted.

The sad truth is that disabling updates can be a much safer choice by now. It would not be rare to read about an update which accidentally causes side effects, forcing the admin to wait for updates on other software. That's not really acceptable on home PCs, and even less on business installations. Any OS needs to be as minimal as possible and the user should have full control over what gets installed; but Microsoft decides that, for example, the Xbox tiles on a Windows 10 Professional installations are a requirement.