Europe’s Net Neutrality Doesn’t Ban BitTorrent Throttling

Found on Torrentfreak on Tuesday, 30 August 2016
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The rules, which are included in the Telecoms Single Market (TSM) regulation, would still allow targeted throttling of BitTorrent and other traffic, under the guise of network management.

ISPs are still allowed to throttle specific categories for “reasonable” network management purposes, as the second subparagraph of article 3 reads.

While it’s not expected that BitTorrent or VPN traffic will be targeted any more than it is right now, the option remains open. This will be a welcome decision by networking specialists and ISPs in general, which have argued that selectively targeting congestion is a more sensible approach.

In other words, customers are facing restrictions because ISPs are overselling the capacity they have; instead of forcing them to upgrade and invest in infrastructure.