The Almost forgotten Story of the Amiga 2000

Found on Amiga Lounge on Monday, 21 July 2014
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Steve Jobs was quoted that he wanted to" Make a dent in the Universe", and now,everyone (other than Amiga users) wants to change the history books and erase Commodore and the Amiga from history but, there actually was one Amiga that truly changed the world.

TV shows like "Home Improvement" to the Pilot of Babylon 5, to Seaques DSV took full advantage not only of the A2000 with a Video Toaster, but of the 3D animation software that came with the VT called "Light Wave". LightWave also made movies like "Jurasic Park" Possible, because without test animations for it, it would have ended up a "stop motion" dinosaurs (it was originally planed as stop motion and miniatures like the old harryhausen movies).

NASA chose the Amiga over the Apple, because they could make and developed their own custom hardware. When they asked Commodore for documentation, Commodore sent them palettes full of books, schematics and software. In Fact, Some Amiga's were being still used at NASA up until 2003.

Yet management ruined it. Commodore could be the biggest player on the market these days. Back then you could only laugh at PC users with their monochrome desktop while you played amazing games on your A500 (and up).