Canadian Business Groups Lobby For Right To Install Spyware on Your Computer

Found on Michael Geist on Wednesday, 06 February 2013
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During the anti-spam law debates in 2009, copyright lobby groups promoted amendments that would have allowed for expansive surveillance of user computers. Coming on the heels of the Sony rootkit scandal, the government ultimately rejected those proposals (the Liberals had plans to propose such amendments but backed down), leaving in place an important provision that requires express consent prior to the installation of computer software.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce and other business groups want to ensure that the anti-spam law does not block their ability to secretly install spyware on personal computers for a wide range of purposes. In doing so, these groups are proposing to turn the law upside down by shifting from protecting consumers to protecting businesses.

Just don't do any business with them and consider using an operating system which does not make it easy to install spyware (which is usually designed for Windows).